Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Update On Publishing

At last after a few bland weeks of "I'm not exactly sure what to do with my novel," I have some news to share on a couple of other publishing fronts.

First, my story "Red Man, Blue Man," is currently being discussed at The Los Angeles Review. I submitted it to them a few days ago, and the fiction editor reported back and said "I really dig this story." She suggested a few small revisions and is now asking the other editors if they are willing to accept it. I'm hoping they will, but even if they don't, it's really nice to get approval from the editor.

Second, I found out that my short short story "Sacred Bodies" is a finalist in Opium8's 500-Word Memoir Contest, judged by Tom Perrotta, the author of Election and Little Children. This feels nice for me because Opium Magazine markets itself as a humorous literary publication, and I've always been intimidated by the thought of writing something funny. Thanks to Proust I'm trying to be more funny--mostly by just being honest--and it's actually paying off. They are going to announce a winner of the contest at the end of May, but I'm quite content with knowing that I'm a finalist.

These two bits of news feel especially good because I wrote both of these stories very recently, after I felt like I found my voice. So, hopefully, I'm not just deluding myself, and other people can see my improvement as well.


  1. Davin,

    This is great news! "Red Man, Blue Man" is truly a very fine story and would raise the tone of any publication.

    After May, I swear, I'm going to write some short stories and submit them for publication. I feel like everyone around me is working on new projects while I'm running in place. I'm excited for you; keep writing! I think you're getting closer all the time to finding your balance point as a writer, if you know what I mean.

  2. Bravo!

    And you totally have 1) found your voice and 2) found an effective voice. We just have to read this blog to know that.

  3. Davin,

    Your news elicits much applause! Superb! Fantastico!

    Seriously, great job. Maybe you should let me read (read: steal) your Red Man, Blue Man story. Eh?

  4. Congrats! I think my biggest obstacle to getting published is that I don't submit enough pieces for consideration. Must work on that.

    I love the funny. People often tell me that my blog is funny, but I have never once set out to try and be funny. It just comes out that way sometimes.

    I'm kicking around the idea for a quirky humor novel. Actually, the idea is solid, what I'm kicking around is the dedication to actually execute on the premise.

  5. Kudos Davin! I can't wait to read your stories.

  6. This is awesome news, Davin. You are a great writer and now with your new voice I think it's going to be easier to get published so that others can enjoy your writing too. Thanks to Proust!


  7. That is great Davin! Congratulations! It is nice to see things going well for a fellow writer :D

  8. Thanks so much, everyone. I really needed to tell people the good news. :)

    Scott, Your old stories are plenty good enough to get published, in my opinion. I'm sure your newer ones will be even better.

    Beth, thank you!

    Justus, I'll send you "Red Man, Blue Man." I had it posted in the comments before, but I decided to take it down.

    Rick, Yes, actually submitting is a big hurdle. For me too. Well, finishing stories and submitting are both big hurdles.

    Lotusgirl, Thank you!

    Thank you too, Screaming Guppy!

    Krisz, Yes, I owe Proust a lot. I think I should read more of him. :)

    Jenn, Thank you! I agree, it's nice to see fellow writers succeeding. It feels so communal.

  9. Congrats, Big D! I have a feeling '09 is going to be your year!

  10. Davin, congrats! You are moving along beautifully. I think my short-story era is creeping up on me. It sounds like an exciting side step to novel writing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with that contest. :D

  11. yay!! I'm super excited for you! cheers!

  12. Congratulation on your exciting news...

  13. Davin, my blogging has been spotty at best lately for a variety of reasons, but I just wanted to say that your Red Man, Blue Man deserves to be published. It is excellent--something that could so easily be overdone, but you kept control of it with the precision and skill of Ms. Lahiri. The ending was achingly lovely. I will be checking back for the good news that "really dig" has morphed into "are publishing." :)


  14. Love "Red Man, Blue Man" AND I love your voice! Congratulations Davin! Happy writing! :)

  15. Edithroad, I can only hope. I have the suspicious feeling that writing careers end up being gradual progressions at best.

    Thanks Lady Glamis. I'd love to see new short stories from you! But, the novel is still my favorite form, for the record.

    Pen Pen and Marty, Thank you, thank you!

    Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. I hope you're able to blog again soon...if you want to, that is.

    And thank you too, Robyn!

  16. Davin, that's why I started The Quick Quill. Will you be joining?


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