Friday, April 3, 2009

My Writing Progress

Well, after 6 months in Paris, I'm back in Los Angeles with my Los Angeles job and my Los Angeles commute. The best and worst part about my Paris stint was that I got a taste of what it would be like to devote more time to my writing. I went from reading a book every three or four months to reading one every week. I finished my novel and several short stories. I started blogging and helping to manage another writing website. In short, I feel like I became a true writer in Paris.

Now, my challenge is to incorporate what I gained in Paris into my LA lifestyle. I've been back for three days, and I feel like it's not going to be easy. But, I have made the decision to live closer to work, which will cut my commute. I'm also working to be more efficient with my time. Things like meeting time management and organization will be more controlled. I'm also making my friends aware that having more time to write is very important to me. And, since most of them are writers too--and since most of them have seen my dramatic progress--they understand that I will have less social time dedicated to them. It's a sad thing, but I do feel like it's temporary. My next goal is to get extremely rich so that I can hire an assistant to clean and submit my work for me. Then, all I need is a driver and an environmentally friendly private jet that can transport me and my winged unicorn.

I've been writing. I'm working on the NEW AND IMPROVED first chapter to my novel, thanks to all of you great blog readers. I'm excited about it, but it's slow going. I think once I settle into a routine, things will be better.


  1. Best of luck, time management is no small task. I have to balance writing (actually re-writing a good portion of my MS), work, and family, so I feel your pain!

    BTW...why do you need the jet if you have a winged unicorn?

  2. Rick has a good question. Can I have the winged unicorn if you have a jet? Or is the food to feed the animal more than fuel for the jet?

    I'm glad you're back. Just throw kids and a wife into the mix. Then you'd really have no time to write. :D

  3. No, he'll buy the winged unicorn once he's rich. Get in line, Davin. I've already been down to the dealership.

    I have been ignoring some of my friends for months while I revise. They make understanding noises, but I've seen the looks they give me when they think my back is turned. There's nothing like having a full time job and another full time job on top of it. No wonder I get no sleep.

    Routine is essential.

  4. So how much is going rate on mythical creatures anyway?

    Good luck. I've found that even people who aren't writers understand your need to dedicate time to what you love if you explain the why.

    I found too, that once I got a good handle about how long it takes me to do stuff (word count per hour, editing progress per hour, etc) it became easier to make the time. Of course, this doesn't deal with the delays cause by writer's block and poking out your eyes when line editing starts to make you crazy...

  5. Davin,

    welcome back. Happy to hear you have your new chapter, can't wait to see it.

    I've become really unsocial lately due to my need of writing. I told my husband that friends simply must understand that we are weird people, we don’t socialize. But I do hope that this is just temporary until I get my own unicorn. And since time never waits, I do save what little I have left for my children and hubby. And then, after that comes writing. Which is still second place.


  6. Great seeing you today, Davin. :)
    Would be a fun post to hear you define "true writer" and how Paris lent itself to that.

  7. Welcome back! LOTS OF LUCK!!!

    I want to live in Paris! :-(

    Word ver: ptoopes
    The "t" is silent...

  8. Welcome back and good luck on the time management thing. I'm learning that, little by little.

    I want to get EXTREMELY rich, too. OH, YEAH! :)

  9. I have a feeling that you will always reserve a special place in your heart for Paris. That's my favorite part about traveling--linking a part of yourself to a place in the world.

  10. Rick and Lady Glamis, It's time I told you guys the truth. Scott may have his fancy pen, but I write with unicorn horn. It's a bit tough dipping it into the ink well, but there's nothing better if you want to use active verbs. And, I totally admire the parent/writers of the world.

    Scott, I used to be able to sacrifice sleep. That has gotten harder for me. Now I sacrifice food and cleaning and laundry and friends and family. And my day job.

    Screaming Guppy, You're right. People do understand. Sometimes I dont give them a chance because my own lack of confidence makes me feel guilty for prioritizing writing. But, I get better and better at respecting myself.

    Krisz, Thanks for the welcome. I've been poking my head into WSE, but I don't know where to start reviewing again. I guess I might as well start with your book!

    Shephard, Yes, it was great seeing you! I feel like more of a writer because somehow, I just crammed in enough writing hours to where I felt like I gained enough confidence to write what I want to write and sound the way I want to sound. I feel like I've reached competence, in the best sense of the word. I feel like I've learned enough to be able to make a solid story, whether or not it is brilliant, it can at least hold itself together, if that makes sense.

    Thanks, Litgirl and Robyn!!

    Beth, You're absolutely right. I always dread traveling in the beginning, but it's always a wonderful experience. France was a time in my life that was incredibly rich and inspiring.

  11. "Scott, I used to be able to sacrifice sleep. That has gotten harder for me. Now I sacrifice food and cleaning and laundry and friends and family. And my day job."

    Ha ha. I see sleep has improved its ranking on your priority list.

    Davin's pants: Wash me?
    Davin: Sleep.
    Davin's tummy: Feed me?
    Davin: Sleep.
    Davin's best friend: Visit me?
    Davin: Sleep.
    Davin's Mommy: Love me?
    Davin: Sleep.
    Davin's Tasks: Complete me?
    Davin: Sleep.
    Davin's Novel: Revise me?
    Davin: Sleep.

    I'm detecting a faint pattern.


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