Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Your Blurb?

"Davin Malasarn's novel is a disturbing tour de force."

"Malasarn's debut novel positions him as the Britney Spears of the literary world."

Okay, these aren't real, but if you ask my friends, you'll find out that I joke about getting blurbs like this A LOT. And, in all fairness, I'd truly love to get either one of these, with Cormac McCarthy likely being the author of the second one.

What's the blurb you'd want on the back of your book? Who would you want it to come from?


  1. Methinks I LOVE the Britney Spears one! LOL!!!

    "Lawrence's novel is funny, and I don't think it's supposed to be."
    - former student

    I don't know...I am living on about 5 hours of sleep at the moment.

  2. I'd just like to be referred to as a "fresh voice" ... that could be taken in so many ways : )

  3. "Bailey's stunning retelling of this classic tale makes me look like an amateur." --William Shakespeare

    "Where has this book been all my life?" --Harold Bloom

    More seriously, I am going to write to a Pulitzer Prize-winning author today to see if she'd like to read my ms and possibly blurb my book. I was delighted to see that she's listed in the phone book, so I'm sending her a paper-and-ink letter in an envelope with a stamp and everything. Fingers crossed.

  4. Litgirl, That's a great blurb. I think.

    KLo, Ahhh, the vague blurb. That's a good one. :)

    Scott, good luck! Be charming and witty and sincere and humble and flattering in your letter.

  5. "This blurb for Rick Daley's writing puts all my blurbs to shame."

    -- Scott G.F. Bailey

  6. "The name Bowman is now synonymous with brilliance." -- The New York Times

    "Bowman's reticent style removes the reader's temptation to skip ahead; every syllable is crucial to the plot." --Stephen King

  7. "Bailey's book...wept...amazing...typewriter....Vatican...bitchcakes." --Christopher Hitchens

  8. I wouldn't mind if someone used the same phrase I got in one of my rejections (though that was for a short) - "a poignant, heart-wrenching tale".

  9. "Beth Revis's novel kicks Harry Potter in the face." -JK Rowing

    "JK Rowling who?" -Steven King

    "Beth Revis's brilliant writing is greater even than Chuck Norris's brilliant round-house kick." -Rick Riordan

  10. Great love!!! :)

    I haven't thought about it until now, but perhaps,

    "Just Cause is crime fiction at its best. Thought-provoking. Riveting. A masterpiece."

    Okay, I got a little carried away there :)

  11. I like the word blurb. Maybe I should try to work that word into my blurb.

    "This blurb will never, ever compare to what Mariah has written."

  12. "Robyn Campbell is a breath of fresh air!" -Gary Paulsen

    "Robyn has captured THE voice for upper middle grade readers. She is THE voice of the ages!"-Michelle Obama

  13. Rick, you are a silly bird.

    Scott, you are Rick's silly bird.

    Justus, I like your second one!

    Hi Ann. :)

    Captain Hook, poignant is a great word.

    Beth, Ooh, you're challenging Chuck Norris now. You've got guts.

    Crimogenic, You DIDN'T get carried away! Why not hope for the best?!

    Mariah, That's the blurbiest blurb I've ever blurbed.

    Robyn, The breath of fresh air is nice. They both are! :)

  14. "Shephard Summers' novel reminds me of that crispness in the air after a lightning strike...all crackly and clean... or maybe more like when you pull socks from the dryer."
    ~ Martha Stewart

    "I don't know who this Shephard is, but I want to meet him for lunch and talk about the meaning of life."
    ~ Ben Affleck

  15. Aw--when I read the first blurb, I thought maybe you had HUGE news. :)

    Looking forward to that day!


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