Monday, April 19, 2010


Thanks to all of you who participated in my "memory" game on Friday. I still haven't been able to rewrite that scene because now I'm all tainted with some of the rewrites you posted and it's all muddy and, well, I'm just being lazy, too.

My three-year-old, Darcy, picked Simon as the winner from a little yellow bowl she calls her IKEA bowl because the one time we've gone there, that's what we got her and she loves them. So, congrats, Simon! Send me your first page of whatever you like for an in-depth critique. If that floats your boat.

By the way, everyone, be sure to read Davin's excellent post today, and read Scott's comment, too. We're wondering why you keep coming back here because we're planning on making some changes, but we're not sure which direction to take it yet.


  1. Sometimes it's hard being so made of win. I get by, though. I have a wife and children to keep me humble.


  2. I think Simon has a special psychic link to the Ikea bowl. I've always suspected that of Simon.

  3. Yes, I will use a different bowl next time so Simon doesn't have an unfair advantage.


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