Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday! Fill In The Blanks!

Today I thought it would be interesting (for me anyway) to find out who here has published what. So I'd like it very much if, in the comments, those of you who have books in the shops (you know who you are) or have a first book coming out soon (Alexandra MacKenzie) (or you, India Drummond), or have just made a deal for your second novel (I'm talking to you, Samuel Park), would call attention to your fabulous selves and link to your books, if links are available, or just announce your deals if there's nothing specific to link. If you have a book or two available on, say, Amazon's Kindle site, link to that if you want (I'm looking at you, FP).

That's right: it's Pimp Yourself Friday. Don't be shy. No, don't.


  1. What about short stories in upcoming magazines?

  2. Thanks a bunch for mentioning me, Scott. It's nice of you to do this for everyone. I do feel a bit embarrassed. I'm not much of a pimp; I should attend pimping school to brush up on my pimpingness.

    Here's a link to my Kindle versions:

    I think lots of good Kindle books by unknown writers exist, and good backlists are coming out for the more known writers--they're often self-publishing them. This is one of the best things about ebooks; books I didn't have access to partly because of price--I can usually afford the eversions.

    (Sorry for the first deletion--I'd posted the wrong link! See my wonderful pimping skills in action? lol)

  3. What a great idea, Scott! My novella's not out yet, so I have nothing to link, but I think we should have a tab here at the Lit Lab for Indie authors and traditionally published authors where we list links to their works. And we can highlight them in a post once in awhile, too. I'm all about promoting our readers' works!

  4. We could always change the Anthology tab to a Books tab and include those of our regulars!

  5. I have two picture books --
    A New Job for Dilly
    Lemur Troops & Critter Groups

    My third is due out in a week --
    The Marshmallow Man

    All are published by 4RV Publishing and available through their website @, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through any bookseller.

    Thanks, Michelle! :)

  6. Rena, thanks! And thank Scott - this was his idea. I think we'll get a tab up to put permanent links with our reader's works.

  7. Where is everyone--why aren't you posting about your writings? If I can overcome my embarrassment and do it, you can too!

  8. FP, I don't know where everyone is. I can list 10 people I know who have books coming out soon or already have a book out. I think it's a Friday and that's not helping. I'll try and push this next week, too.

  9. Scott, I tried to find the people you listed in your post, and I had no luck at all. This is why we need a page with links, I think. I can't buy books I don't know about. :)

  10. Thank you kindly for asking! My first novel is due out Sep 15 from Edge SF and the amazon link is:

    Immortal Quest by Alexandra MacKenzie.

    Also at Barnes & Noble.


  11. Alex, I also saw it on the Tower Books site!

    FP, thanks for linking to your ebooks!

    Rena, happy pub day in a week!

    Michelle, I know they're out there. I also like Davin's idea about a permanent page to pimp our beloved followers' books.

  12. "Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire" came out last summer. The second edition of "The Sun Singer" came out earlier this year. "Garden of Heaven" will be out in several weeks.


  13. Hi, I am a newbie here but have a novel, The Fox, that I am giving away free in many forms. It has been read and listened to by over 13,000 and applauded world-wide as well as translated and distributed in Iran.
    My website is
    or here for Smashwords
    or here for Podiobooks
    and if you want an exquisite paperback here

    Thank you for letting me pimp it!!

  14. I have a short story called "A Reptile at the Reunion" in the anthology Firestorm of Dragons. You can buy it through Amazon:

  15. Thank you so much for the invite to post! I'm new to pimping, since I've just gotten my first contract!

    My book is a paranormal romance called Ordinary Angels and it will be out next year from Lyrical Press.

    You can find me at my blog:

    Thanks again! I look forward to getting to know more folks here at The Literary Lab!

  16. I've published three novels, but none are in shops, so I hesitated to post. One was a serial published in the California entertainment weekly New Times, and two were published by now-defunct UK publisher Babash-Ryan.

    Other former Babash writers have re-issued their books or epublished them for Kindle, but I'm not sure I want to go that route.

    I suppose somebody might find a copy in a charity shop: Food of Love (2003) and The Best Revenge (2005.) Comic Romantic suspense. I've got work in a bunch of literary magazines and anthologies, but none current (except Genre Wars.) Trying to re-start a career in a recession is a challenge.

  17. Hi Anne--FWIW coming from me, I think you (and many others) should at least consider offering Kindle versions of your works. I had (hugely) resisted it myself, but, after a few months, it's finally started working out for me a bit when I had a failed career.

    Even during terrible economic times, new opportunities can open up. I think the Kindle publishing is one, and others are also opening up, mostly in epublishing. Pull out backlists and make them frontlists; it's happening now with others.

    Good luck to you, Anne, and everyone else, with whatever you've done with your books or will be doing!

  18. Dimensions of Genesis - A Celestine Prophecy for the next generation.

    Thanks! :D

  19. Forgot to come back and check your answer on Friday. My short story, The Rat Burner is coming out in the next issue of Shock Totem Magazine. (

  20. Ack! Sorry for the double post! Not sure how that happened.


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