Friday, June 18, 2010

A Very Busy Week at the Lab

Your hosts here at the Literary Lab have all had busy weeks: Michelle is laboring furiously on a cool writing project (and wrestling furiously with a small child as well), Davin is away at a conference in his role as mad scientist (did he mention that he has a Ph.D.?) and I have been buried at work (end of fiscal and academic years bring many reports and a whole lot of last-minute spending). I have also been writing in a blaze of imagination, sallying forth into the middle of my current WIP. I had planned to actually show you the whole of Chapter Ten, which starts the midsection of my book, and discuss the things I'm attempting to do with the narrative as the story switches from the outer conflict to the inner conflict, blah blah blah, but I write longhand and I've not actually typed up the chapter and I've not even finished the chapter (I've got about 2500 words down, and I think I'll need another 1000 or so before I get to the end of it). That will be my post on Tuesday, so come back for that. Today, though? I got nothing today.


I want to remind you all about our fabulous Notes From Underground Contest, Stage One of which is going on right now, and not many of you have so far chosen to participate. Why is that? Are the parameters too weird? Does it sound too hard? Does it sound like no fun? Because we want it to be fun, and not just for the three of us. Honest.

Also, tomorrow is Salman Rushdie's birthday. Send him a card, or friend him on Facebook (I did)!

Also, this is cool.


  1. Definitely not a lack of (or loss of) interest on my part, I'm still thinking about what I want to put into my entry (actually trying not to overthink it too much!)additionally I haven't been well physically so it's gotten delayed but it's at the top of my to-do-because-I-simply-must list.

    It is just about the most awesome contest I could possibly imagine.
    Can't wait to get to work on my submission.

    Hope things settle down next week and you keep up the great momentum on your writing. It's such a wonderful feeling when it just works like that.


  2. Thanks for posting, Scott! I'll admit that I didn't do a post yesterday because I was working on the cover of my novella and I'm so obsessed with the whole project that everything else flew by! This cover is taking a long time, and I can't wait to show it off!

    Bru: I'm happy you'll be entering! Things should be settled down next week.

  3. I'm still thinking and working on my entry too. We have until August 15th for stage 1 right? I promise not to wait until the last minute.

    I write by longhand too and still need to type up a couple weeks worth of my current WIP first draft. Look forward to hearing about your chapter ten.

  4. Thanks Michelle I really am excited about giving it a shot.

    I have a question about entries too- forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere and I missed it.

    I know you said that the entries must (obviously) be able to be emailed but do you have a favorite format? Word doc? Would PDF work too or is that out of contention?

    Are attachments out altogether (have to paste it all in email?)

    Just want to be sure I send it the best way for you all to read it.


  5. Robin: Yep, the deadline is the 15th so you have time. :)

    Bru: That's a good question that I don't think we've answered clearly, at least. We'd prefer Word files or .jpgs. If you have a video, a youtube link is nice. Our moderator puts all the entries up on a private blog for us to keep track of the entries and to comment on them, and I'm not sure PDFs would work in there? I'll have to check up on that if that's your preferred file type.

  6. Thanks- good to know that I didn't miss the answer somewhere else!

    Word is what I will plan to go with then- was only thinking if it ended up somehow including art that PDF might be easier but only for me, not for you guys. It's certainly not a problem to submit in Word.

    Thank you for the direction there. Now to plan and plot *evil cackle*.

    Oh who am I kidding, I don't cackle. Giggle, yes. Cackle, not so much and definitely not convincingly. I'm about as threatening as a bunny in rabbit slippers.

    Then again, given the implications of what that could mean, that might be pretty scary.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  7. Scott rulz.

    So do Michelle and Dr. Davin.

  8. Rick has a hidden agenda.

    But we LL folk still roolz.

  9. I really am going to enter the contest, however I'm in Alabama at the moment after having ridden my motorcycle all the way here from Missouri (and slightly wrecking it and myself in the process). But I hope to make it back home in a week or so and then I'll get to work on that entry. I swear, Boss, I'll be workin'.

  10. I plan on entering the contest just still working on what I want to send. Thanks for doing this - it's fun to have something to write for.

    Can't wait to see your cover Michelle.

  11. I think you will get a lot of entries later this summer. Almost no one turns stuff in early.

    I have not even started yet because I have been gestating a wee person and have not been feeling too well. Who knew that such a little bean of a thing could sap so much nutrition, oxygen, and energy out of a grown woman? Well, I guess all the moms know how it is. I feel as though my very soul is being sucked dry.

    In a very happy way, of course! :D

    I plan on starting to write my entry in July, when the magic "glow" of health and sharp intuition is scheduled to begin.


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