Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Can Still Submit!

Looks like some of you aren't sure if you can still submit your entries for Notes from Underground today. Please do! We're relaxed around here. You're welcome to send your entries in all day today until midnight your time.


  1. Y'all are so relaxed that you find beanbags rigid and confining.

  2. 'Tis the way of the Lab, good Sir. We get tough when we start picking pieces for the anthology. ;)

  3. well I've been trying all night to submit and can't.

  4. Yeah, I know it. Last time I was nervous about the anthology contest. This time I'm much less nervous because I followed through on my crazy first concept, more to prove to myself I was brave enough to put it together and then show it to people I respect, than because I thought it would wow anyone. lol

  5. I honestly think anyone who submits a piece to this contest has already won something and deserves a steak dinner and ice cream. Really. This was a difficult contest for us to put out there because we knew it would be met with hesitation.

  6. I'm sick so I warn you this might not make sense goes!

    I hope that you got a lot of entries at the end, guys, I can't wait to hear how the turnout was.

    I know I brought three people in at the last minute (one saw it on my blog and two more are writers I have known for a long time--I'll say more later if either/both of them take spots in the anthology. I wouldn't bet against either of them!)

    Davin, Michelle, and Scott, I want to thank you again for holding this contest.

    No matter what happens, I know I did the best I could on my entry, it is very dear to my heart and will be no matter what the outcome. That is not a feeling I've had about most things I've written, ever, so thank you for that.

    It was an incredibly freeing experience.

    Question: Do you guys plan to post the winning entries on TLL's site? I know since last year the entries were the stories for the anthology you didn't likely do that but this year is different and I was curious.

    Now, the hard part starts for you guys, tasting and judgment! Oh wait, that's Iron Chef...

    Thanks again for everything (and to the helper who handled the inbox too- thank you, whoever you are!)


  7. Yea! I'm not the last one to enter!!! Whoo-hoo!
    (I got mine in before noon on Sunday.)


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