Friday, September 24, 2010

The Paris Review Interviews

In case you don't know, the Paris Review has been interviewing good writers (of fiction, poetry and nonfiction) for over half a century. They've put all of these interviews on the internets, here. Go read some of them; get inspired. Check out Hemingway's cranky boredom with George Plimpton. Imagine yourself answering the interviewers' questions.

Also! Starting tomorrow, it is Banned Books Week. Celebrate your freedom to read! Go expose yourself to something dangerous.

More and Better Also! If you live in glorious Seattle, make sure you swing by the University Bookstore (4326 University Way, N.E) by 7pm to hear Alexandra MacKenzie read from her debut novel Immortal Quest. You must come, and you must buy a copy, and Alex must sign it! Because I said so!


  1. I'll definitely have to check those out. They sound fun.

  2. I WISH I could go to that book signing! Sigh.

  3. Thanks for the links, Scott. Last night I had a yummy catfish papaya salad at a restaurant I haven't been to in years. It's the only restaurant I've found in the U.S. that makes it.

    Oh, wait, you didn't ask about my dinner, did you?

    Have fun at the reading!

  4. Lois: Lots of good general advice on writing, too.

    Michelle: Always one day.

    Big D: Last night I had a crepe with chicken, ham and cheese bechamel sauce with potatoes and salad. Tonight we're having Indian food; likely I'll have malai kafta and a glass of pinot noir. I'm always interested in what people had for dinner.

    Tara: It's worth trolling through to see what famous writers say about writing. Faulkner looks like he was a real bastard.

  5. Thanks for the plug for my reading! I am not nervous. Much. Except my sinuses are a little plugged up. As always. Sigh.

    -Alex MacKenzie, AKA mizmak

  6. Mizmak: At least the books have shown up at the store! It's all smooth sailing now! You'll be brilliant.

    Everyone: tell Alex to break a leg!

  7. Alex, Break a leg! Have fun! You will be wonderful!

  8. I love the interviews, send my best wishes from Indiana for the signing...

    ...and suddenly really want catfish for dinner.


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