Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Filler! Mule Rides!

So anyway, it's been a long week and I, for one, am glad it's about over. I live in Seattle and winter is the rainy season, which means perpetual overcast when you can see the sky, which for me is rare because it's dark when I wake up and dark again when I leave the office, so I tend to think of winter in Seattle as the Land Of Perpetual Night. But! This winter (or very late fall, yes, to be more precise) brings some sunshiny moments to Mr. Bailey's life! If you look here, you'll see that I have a sunshiny new agent! And after working on my novel Killing Hamlet for several years, it looks pretty certain that it will finally be going out on submission to publishers in early January. Which is teh roxor, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

There aren't enough exclamation points to emphasize how cool it's been working with Weronika, but I must warn you: there has been a flurry of activity and I'm feeling a bit out of breath. Author photo? Author bio? A synopsis of the next novel (Cocke &; Bull) just on the off chance that an editor wants to offer us a 2-book deal? A fresh new pitch for Killing Hamlet because my original query letter writ two years ago no longer fits the book as it stands today? Yes, I say yes, and likely more to come. So busy busy busy and I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping yet. Anyway, this is all just my subtle way of saying that things are cool in my life.

Other cool things that don't have anything to do with me:

Tonight in downtown Seattle, the 24th Annual Great Figgy Pudding Street Corner Caroling Competition, which closes some major streets and fills block after block with singing folks. It's way cool, and Mighty Reader and I have made this one of our traditions.

Tomorrow in my neighborhood, it's the annual tree lighting, which is a cool community event with prizes, music and snacks. Sunday there will be mule rides. Mule rides! We also have a fabulous outdoor farmer's market on Sundays, so the pleasure is doubled, at least. Mule rides!

Seattle can't be the only cool city on Earth, so what's going on in your fair town this weekend?


  1. In my town this weekend there will be a bunch of people reading about what cool things people are doing in other towns.

    Excited for everything you have going on, Scott! That's great stuff!

  2. BIG smiles all around!!! I'm so excited your amazing book will finally be out there. Just make sure they put an orange cover on it.

    Not much happening here. You really do live in a cool town, dark though it may be. :)

  3. Woohoo!! Congratulations!! Well-deserved. I shall expect to hear even better things early next year.

    I was just reading the events section of my paper this morning and saw the Figgy Pudding notice, and immediately thought, "I'll bet Scott and Mighty Reader are going to that." Have fun! Are you planning to ride a mule?

    I'll be at a holiday art sale in Laurelhurst on Saturday (after birding, of course), and then I'll be at BOTH the Fremont and Ballard Sunday markets this weekend -- should I pick up some soap for MR?


  4. Nevets: I am pleased to give your townsfolk something to read!

    Michelle: Orange is the new black. Go organize some sort of community event!

    Alex: I hope to have better news next year, that's for sure.

    I'm leaving work early so I can catch the start of Figgy Pudding; last year I was late and missed half of it. I don't know about the mule ride; I'll have to look the mule in the eye first and gauge his character. Last Sunday MR and I went to the Ballard market and bought $90 worth of soap. That should last us into January, but I thank you for your kind offer.

  5. @Scott - You should have waited for the mule ride and gotten yourself some mule's milk that you could home craft into soap.

  6. Nevets: I'll wait for the youtube video of you milking a mule first. If you don't mind.

  7. Scott - please, please report back on your experience with the mules! If I wasn't half the country away I would come take a mule ride myself. I'm writing historical fiction; yes, there are mules involved, and no, I've never had the pleasure of meeting one face to face. So anything you can glean about those versatile beasts would be helpful!

    As far as my town goes, we've got Bruce Willis filming his newest movie in Grand Rapids right now. Sunday they're shutting some streets downtown to film a big crash scene. Cool, huh? But no mules in sight. :(

  8. I've got my latex-free gloves and metal jug on stand-by for the first mule I see.


    First female mule I see.

  9. Congratulations, Mr. Bailey, on the acquisition of the new agent! I've heard nought but lovely things about Weronika. Plus, she's of Polish extraction, and so is vodka, so I have a good feeling about her.


  10. Simon: Some day Weronika and I will have cocktails in Manhattan to celebrate a big deal. Vodka ochin lublyu, I say in Russian, because I don't know how to say it in Polish.

  11. What does the phrase mean?

    Vodka? Very? Love? I really love vodka?

    "Ja uwielbiam wódkę," maybe.

  12. "I very love vodka" is a literal translation, but I think it really is closer to "I like vodka." My favorite brand is Luksusowa.


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