Thursday, April 28, 2011

Truth vs. Verisimilitude

Do you think some parts of fiction have to adhere to fact?

Check out Scott's posts on Truth versus Verisimilitude on his blog Six Words For A Hat.

Start here.
Then go here--and check out Tara Maya's excellent comment (there's nudity involved) on the matter while you're at it.
Added later: There's now a third post here.

I'm also excited to announce that my evening as featured writer with The New Short Fiction Series has been announced. On July 10th, five actors here in Los Angeles will be reading some of my short stories to coincide with the release of my upcoming collection The Wild Grass and Other Stories. I'll definitely be talking more about this as we get closer to the date. I'm very excited!


  1. ...I cannot believe there are no responses to your excitement...nice. But then knowing people, I can believe it. I can also try to rectify it. I think this no response is just all kinds of wrong, especially when you've pushed some others' efforts so much and IMO have always too-rarely spoken news about your own writing.

    Good for you and good luck! I wish I could be there! It sounds like it'll be great. Love that you chose that wonderful story for the title. I hope you find readers because of the show. And HAVE FUN AT YOUR NIGHT.

  2. Davin, you already know how excited I am about your reading! And Scott's post rocks. Tara's story she tells was brilliant.

  3. I'm all kinds of excited for Davin! I remembered to tell him so in an email but I forgot to say anything here.

    If I was in LA on July 10th, I know where I'd be that evening.

  4. Your collection is being read by actors?!!! Domey, that is so far-out fantastical, it's just mind blowing. Are congratulations even enough?

    I wish I could be in LA to see it. I wish you every bit of luck and success with The Wild Grass and Other Stories.

  5. Miscellaneous, Thank you very much! Your support is lovely, and I'm grateful. I also hope I can find readers because of the show. I'm on a hunt for readers! :) And, thanks for the luck too!

    Michelle, thanks! I appreciated it when you put it up on Facebook--I'm going to have to do a post on Facebook and how dizzying it is to have so many internet outlets.

    Scott, I appreciated you email! :) They are actually talking about live streaming the reading, which I really hope they do.

    Anne, thank you! Thanks for wishing me luck on the collection too. I'm still being a little timid about announcing it. I will need to get over that.

  6. This is so, so exciting about your show in LA! I saw it on FB. I wish I could get down to LA to see it. It's so exciting to hear other people interpret your words. Congratulations. This is big.

  7. Congratulations Domey!
    I just checked the date- it is a Sunday! I am going to try and make it (hopefully I'll have a driver's license by then..*hides*)


  8. I am not able to use open id to post a comment..It requires me to use my google account for some reason.

  9. Congrats, Davin on being chosen for the new fiction reading in LA! I have attended one in the past and it was a really great evening. I know they are highly selective about the authors they choose.

  10. Anne, I am pretty excited to see how they will read the stories. I think it will actually help me to see my own writing in a better/different way too. I might learn something.

    Lavanya, that would be so cool if you could make it! It would be so fun to meet you.

    TJN, I've gone to a couple of these, and to tell you the truth I was pretty intimidated both times. The writers I've heard feel so much more "writerly" than I am.


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