Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Filler: Talking and Talking

It's Friday Filler because I want one!

Scott, Michelle, and I were up until the late hours of the night talking about books and our next anthology project and food. We'll be explaining more on this soon, and I'm excited!

I've also been hatching plans with the fantastic deWishes delights to make a fun custom-made writing-related cake truffle set for some blog reader to coincide with the release of my short story collection in June. deWishes delights is co-founded by the most wonderful and passionate and animal-loving person, Michelle "Mishy Fishy" Tseng, who also works as a physical sciences and reading teacher. Really, she's the coolest! Hi Mishy! (If you want more updates on my book, sign up for my mailing list over on the right. I'd appreciate it.)

Lastly, for anyone who's in the area, I'll be reading this Sunday at noon at the Silver Lake Jubilee. I'm going to surprise the organizers a little bit by reading an unpublished story from my collection called "Dogs: Wet & Dry" that describes a love triangle between a French woman, a dog, and a goose. If I get up the courage I'll be using different voices! (The fact that they anticipate 35,000 people at the Jubilee probably means I won't have the courage.)

What cool and quirky and awesome and ridiculous and scrumptious things is everyone up to?


  1. Stop posting pictures of chocolate! Oh my gosh, I want some. Last night was a blast, and I can't wait to get our announcement out soon!

    Davin, I'm excited about your reading. I wish I could be there, but instead know I'm with you in thought. I think you should do the voices. Have I read that story?

  2. I am cursing the weather. Mother Nature has been raining on Ohio for months straight. I'm afraid we'll advance directly into summer, with high humidity and and apocalyptic swarms of insects.

    Good luck with your reading!

  3. I'll be Raptured up, yo.

    Okay, that's highly unlikely for a variety of reasons, so Mighty Reader and I are going to plant tomatoes in our new raised bed, and we plan to go on a hike and look at birds. Scones are likely on Sunday morning. There's also a new "Pirates of the Carribean" film that opened last night, so we might go see that this weekend at our favorite theater in the world.

    At your reading, I will be with you in spirit.

  4. I've read the Goose story. It's really cool and vaguely Chekhovian. Do the voices!

  5. Michelle, sorry, but I just thought the picture would be good advertising. It is, isn't it? :) I'm not sure if you've read this story yet. I've pasted it around in random places, but never really on purpose.

    Rick, having ties with Thailand, I'm familiar with humidity and insects. When I'm in a situation like that, I try to imagine I'm back in the womb...with insects.

    Scott, if you get raptured, take the tomatoes and birds with you. Heck, take the scones with you too. And take your metallic garden goat with you too. And take Mighty Meower. And take your tax filing instructions.

  6. Scott, I'll practice with the voices. I'm doing some miming too.

  7. I'm going to a going away BBQ on Sunday and hoping to see the new Pirates movie. best of luck to you.

  8. Thanks, Summer. I hope you have a blast at the BBQ, though it may also end up being a little sad, huh? A sad blast.

  9. Man, Domey, I want a podcast of you reading doing the voices...(and I think I gained 5 pounds looking at those chocolates...Gorgeous!)

    I've been insanely busy the past week, scanning, encrypting, saving and backing up some 12+ years of medical records/important papers and then yesterday the physical copies went to a commercial shredding event held by our bank. Freedom! And it all gets recycled, which made me at least a little happy because I wanted to weep for all those trees.

    35,000 people?! You, good sir, are a rock star. :~)

    Hope you all have a great weekend!


  10. It's warm and sunny here in Seattle, which means it's dangerous to be on the roads because people are justifiably confused. So I am home, telecommuting, interspersed with some backyard lounging with The Hounds, plus some chocolate chip cookie baking. High times.

    Good luck on the reading and YES, do the voices!

    -Alex, who will be eating dark chocolate when the Rapture comes

  11. Bru, That's great that you are going paperless. It's very nice to not have to kill so many trees and to also not have to lug all that paperwork around everywhere!

    Alex, it sounds like you're making your own rapture. :)

  12. back in the womb...with insects.

    I have to say that's the first thing I've heard that makes me happy I can't have kids. Eeeewwww. Writers have very active imaginations!

    Tonight hubby has the toddler at a camp out and I have a couple hours all to myslef for writing! Woohoo. Tomorrow hubby and I are teaching a class at an adoption conference.

    Can't wait to hear your announcements. I was too scared to submit to your last anthology. Maybe if you do another one I can muster up the courage.

  13. S.P., please never be too scared to play with us! We are all just people and most of us are nice. (One of us is exceptionally mean, but I'm not allowed to say who.) We do the anthologies for fun and whether or not we accept your work it doesn't say anything about you as a writer.

  14. Hey! Who you talkin' about, Malasarn?

    Also! We'll start talking about the new anthology soon!

  15. Why, Scott, I didn't mean to implicate anyone. Did you feel like I was talking about you?

  16. I always feel like everyone is talking about me. I take great comfort in that feeling. Also, I was trying to distract people from how you implied that Michelle is exceptionally mean.

  17. Wow, Scott, that makes you exceptionally nice!

  18. Hey there. I hope your reading went well. I know I've been an absent commenter (I'm sorry), but I'll try to remedy that. I've also signed up for all the email notifications you guys have here on the site so I can stay updated.

    Oh, and as Michelle said, those pics of chocolate are too enticing.

  19. I wish I could have been at your reading, Davin. I hope you mustered the courage, because I'm quite sure it was excellent. The voices thing adding that certain charm to it. 35,000. WOW! I would love to be at that jubilee, just because of the name. Beautiful.

    I didn't do too much this weekend. Went to a horse show and saw some beautiful horses. We are selling two, so we have to buy back two. Of course! :-)

  20. Eric, thanks a lot for signing up on the list. I really appreciate it.

    Eric and Robyn, the reading went well, even though we were competing against rock bands on either side of us. I had fun and I realize I don't get as nervous about reading stuff when it's in third person.

    Robyn, I hope you get some lovely and friendly horses!


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