Friday, June 3, 2011

Filler Friday: Fill Up On Doughnuts

It's apparently National Doughnut Day. I've always been a doughnut lover, except for jelly doughnuts, which forever branded a rather traumatic childhood experience into my brain. Michelle, on the other hand, doesn't like doughnuts very much, if I recall correctly. And Scott, well, I'm not sure. How does Scott feel about doughnuts?

Thank you to everyone over the last couple of days, first for helping me spread the word on my book and also for passing along your thoughts on yesterday's topic. After a good night's sleep and some more communication, I'm feeling better about everything. The person whom I had offended ended up being totally awesome and I think we're communicating on the same page again. I will still be formulating a set of simple rules for myself, though.

So, tell me something random.


  1. There was a short-lived sit-com years ago that starred Jonathon Winters. I don't remember the name of it and it wasn't very good, but one scene stood out.
    In the background, Mr. Winters' character had a tray of jelly doughnuts with little straws out of them. As the characters did their lines, he was sucking all the jelly out of the doughnuts. At one point, he interrupted the scene with the line "The jelly doughnuts are ready." The cast cracked up!
    Mr. Winters had a history of mental illness and it seemed spontaneousness to me. Maybe it wasn't, but it's even funnier if it was.

  2. I love Top Pot donuts. I despise Krispy Kreme (how dare they even call their vile product donuts?) and I am ambivalent about Mighty O donuts.

    My shoelaces today are double-knotted.

  3. Doughnuts traumatise me. They were the first thing I ever tried cooking by myself and I ended up with piles of oily crumbs. I've never felt the same about doughnuts since!
    Judy, South Africa

  4. Charlie, that is pretty funny. Ah, the jelly doughnut, so full of possibility.

    Scott, if you break it down by brand, it gets much more complicated, doesn't it? I never liked a KK doughnut until I was handed a free freshly baked one. That was yumm-o. Free and fresh, that's how I like 'em.

    Judy, you're quite brave to start off with doughnuts! The first thing I ever tried to make was pasta. Sounds like I was a bit more successfully, but I apparently played it safe. I think we should put together an anthology of traumatic doughnut moments. Troughnuts. Yeah, that title kind of sucks.

  5. I once scored a 99 and 1/2 on a spelling test. Out of 200 words, I only misspelled doughnut. I argued that I got the word right. I just has a donut that morning!

    Madison Avenue dumbing down America again.

  6. Another piece for the anthology. Okay, I'm actually getting serious about this. Btw, Donut is acceptable, isn't it? I always thought it was anyway.

  7. When I was little and my mother was out of town, my father let me eat HOSTESS HO-HOs for breakfast because, he reasoned, "they're the same thing as a doughnut."

    And really, was he wrong??

    Here's my random: How cool is the Scripps National Spelling Bee (you know, besides the fact that it is on ESPN)? Aziz Ansari and Zach Galifianakis had a cameo. Someone might have called someone else chubby.

  8. I'm okay with the breakfast ho-ho's too, which is probably why it's a good thing I don't have children. And I love watching spelling bees. Those little spellers are so impressive. When I was a kid, I was a decent speller and made it to some district bee or something. Then, I got out on the word "jungle". It was right after the judges took a break to remind us all not to rush before spelling our words.

  9. Charlie, don't think I've ever seen that show, but I LOVE what you said Winters did--what does that say about me? (Don't answer that lol.)

    All this doughnut talk--now I'll have to make them this weekend!!!! Think I'll do the cinnamon-sugar coated ones. I might not be able to make them with abandon, aka deep-fry them; I have this suspicion that the brain in my thighs won't let me. So I'll probably coat the doughnuts with extra light olive oil, then bake them over 375degree in preheated-to-that-temp oven--must be at that temp before sticking them in!--that usually gives a lightly fried essence to any dough. My thighs can handle essence.

  10. Miscellaneous, "My thighs can handle essence" is very funny. Your doughnuts sound delicious. I've never tried to make my own before. I've never been a very good baker in general. I'd love to take a class for it someday.

    Tana, sounds like you've been honoring the doughnut on your own. :)

  11. So, Davin, are you going to spill that jelly doughnut story?

    And yes, I'm not a doughnut lover. I don't like them much at all unless they are homemade and resh.

  12. One of these days, if I make good on my threat to get a video camera, I'll do some cooking shows. I'll zoom you a baking one over these here internets. I've been wanting to do an internet show for eons because I'm different as me than as me on-the-page, but because I've been burned in the past when I've opened up my life, I am leery now.

    Anyway, with oven baking, IMO FWIW, you (a baker) just must get a thermometer and gain control of your oven all while you've formed an intimate relationship with it. Baking's like an S&M relationship. Too many modern ovens don't last past six months before they just aren't at the temperature the indicators say, so you've got to work them to keep them in line before and during a recipe. I think uncooperative ovens destroy more baked goods than anything else. Or maybe I've just had the bad luck to buy shitty ovens.

  13. Michelle, I'll keep that jelly doughnut story for myself for now. It's not Friday Filler material... too much of a downer. :)

    Miscellaneous, LOL! I can do the baking S&M! I'd be very excited to see you do a cooking video. I have a version of the real life you in my head, and I'll be curious to see if it matches up. I imagine you talking quickly, for example. Your brain seems to work a lot faster than mine.

  14. Bailey said what about Krispy Kreme? *ahem* He said what about my FAVORITE place in the world. *ahem* Davin, I must have read that wrong. Uh-huh. GLAZED BABY! :-)

    I missed the post yesterday, but you know I'm heading to put my two cents in. Love you, my friend.

  15. My brain is exceedingly fast-moving--it is actually an impediment too often. It has also gotten faster as I've aged; I seem to be aging backwards in that department.

    You are...RIGHT! I do talk fast. Still not as fast as my brain moves unfortunately, so I can stumble verbally, also because I "lose my breath" with my narrow nasal passages (Oh my Brooklyn-twang--embarrassing!!!). I am soooo, so tempted to get the video camera. Do you think that actor-reading of your work will be streaming as you once said it might?? Will you also be filmed, you think? I've always imagined you either having a sharp humorous voice or a light friendly voice. Maybe I'm totally wrong there though--I apologize if I am.

    Take care of you and I'm glad you sound better today! I was a bit worried about you, to be honest. Have a super weekend!

  16. Sorry, Robyn! When it comes to doughnuts, light as air and soft as a cloud just doesn't always do it for me. I want a doughnut that thumps when you drop it. ;P

    Miscellaneous, I just talked to the organizer of the reading yesterday, actually, and she said the live stream just wasn't going to happen. I was disappointed. What I'll be able to do, hopefully, is vidoetape the dress rehearsal a few days before. (Because of the actor unions, I guess you can't tape the actual show.) But I'm hoping I can put those up somewhere so that people can see them. Based on the other shows I've been to, the actual writer doesn't have to do much at all, which I like on this occasion. The organizer will probably introduce me at the very end and ask me to bow or something. As for my voice, I think your second description is accurate. That's how it sounds to me anyway!

  17. The town I grew up in had a doughnut shop where they used potato flour in the mix. It was called the Spudnut Shop. My parents would take us there once a week or so. I loved anything with chocolate glaze. Founded in 1948, the Spudnut Shop is still open and I still stop by when I'm visiting.

    My favorite, though, is a chocolate-glazed old-fashioned.

    Random: I am currently listening to a CD called "Ocean Waves." As you might guess, it is 60 minutes of the sound of waves breaking on the shore.

    -Alex MacKenzie

  18. Alex, I kept reading your doughnut story waiting for something horrible to happen. But apparently it was one of those "happy" stories. There was a time when I listened to a lot of those CDs. I had one that followed a canoe down the river and I'd listen to is as I was going to sleep. There were wolves howling in the distance during one section of the journey.

  19. Domey: the Spudnut Shop was (and is) a happy place. Old-fashioned booths, a counter, and the doughnut-making process is visible by everyone.

    My ocean waves CD has gulls calling here and there. It is used mainly for meditation and going to sleep. Very soothing. Your canoe one sounds lovely.

  20. I guess because you guys are on the west coast you haven't tried a Dunkin Donuts doughnut yet. THEY are spectacular.

    And for random, my mother tired to make fish and chips in her brand new kitchen tonight for supper. As well you can imagine, that will never happen again.

  21. Well, that's disappointing about the streaming :(. I'll look for if you post the rehearsal. The bowing images would be nifty! That sounds very Victorian or something. I wonder how many stories they'll act/read--is it more than one in other words, like the whole night?

    (BTW, I got a little videocamera!!)

  22. Wow, you act fast too! I'm glad you got the camera. I hope you have fun with it. :)

    They're going to be reading five stories: Obaachan, Red Man Blue Man, I Am Waiting For My Dogs To Die, Paris Was Good, and The Wild Grass. I'm really happy with their choices.

  23. Sounds good--I'm glad about The Wild Grass! I'm not familiar with Obaachan, but I will be soon because the book's on its way to me.

    I hope you have fun at the reading!


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