Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Day After

Hi everyone,

(Scott and Michelle, you should both feel free to post over this if you have something for today.)

I just wanted to say that I had a great time at the New Short Fiction Series rehearsal last night. Some actors were taller than I imagined them. Some were prettier. Some were handsomer. Some were funnier. I was seriously just flattered that they all took the time to understand my work and to listen to my stories. Two of the actors were able to cry during their read, which, really, seems like one of the most valuable tools a person can have. I'm working on it.

After they each went through their story, they all discussed how things could be improved. I felt like I got the inside scoop on doing a good reading. The best part is that I asked Sally Shore, who has been organizing this program for 15 years, if she would give our Lit Lab audience some pointers on public readings and she was happy to oblige, so stay tuned for that!

Oh, and for all you Hunger Game fans, one of the actors reading at the show will be Kimiko Gelman, who will be playing Venia in the movie coming out next year. I'm going to see if she'll stop by the Lab too. She was really nice and brought my characters to life so beautifully.


  1. I'm so so so pleased for you! It's utterly cool to see things happening with your writing like this.

  2. I can't imagine how incredible last night must have been for you. And maybe sort of (completely??) surreal?

    Sorry I didn't get here in time to wish you well, but hopefully you'll accept a most sincere congratulations.

    Looking forward to Sally Shore's input.

  3. Thank you, Scott.

    Jennifer, more than anything I just felt really grateful that everyone in the room wasn't laughing at me. That probably just says something about my own self-esteem. I think Sally will have a lot of good things to say. I learned a lot just in the short time I had with her last night.

  4. How exciting Domey- I am glad it went off so well..This must make you less nervous for the big day!!


  5. Lavanya, I do feel less nervous, yes. It was funny how shy I was around everyone yesterday. I was sort of a bumbling dolt, just thanking everyone over and over again until they asked me some questions about the stories. They were nice about it though.

  6. That's awesome, I'm glad you have this opportunity!

  7. Thank you, Rick. It's fun so far!

  8. That makes perfect sense, Davin. It's a lot to put out there in the first place, and last night was even more out there. But still, very, very cool.

    Today, I just posted my first, post-one(two??)-year-ish-break blog post, and I'm not even sure how I feel about that. So I admire your courage, all around!

  9. So glad it went well for you (and don't let the other two overwrite this)

    No matter how you write it, an actor will bring out something you hadn't seen or a perform it in a way you hadn't dreamt of. It also gives you a better idea about the characters you created.

  10. I'm glad everything went well. Did the room tremble in your terrifying presence?

  11. Davin, this is so exciting! Really! I wish more than ever that I could come. Sigh. It's sad that some of these Big Deal things just aren't close enough, or well, that I just don't have my private jet to fly around to them!

  12. SQUEE! This is so exciting! I'm so very envious (in a good "I'm so happy I kinda know someone who is having great stuff happen around them" not in a "I have a voodoo doll of you with pins" kind of way).

    Go you!

  13. Jennifer, I'm looking forward to checking out your post! I'm really glad you put one up!

    Martin, the actors did give me a different sense of how some of the sentences and scenes were functioning. I think the biggest thing I noticed was that they tried to make every part of the story meaningful, which really is something that should already be happening.

    McKenzie, I didn't notice anyone tremble, but they laughed at some of the funny scenes, which is a good start!

    Michelle, I'd love to have you come and see it. That's why I really wish I could have recorded the rehearsal. So many of my writing friends are online and I wish I could share it.

    S.M., thank you so much! :)


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