Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wow, Twitter

Apparently some people have been tweeting a link to a recent post. These tweets (am I using the term properly?) seem to be driving a lot of traffic to the blog.

Twitter has amazing power: yesterday 1100 people read (or at least looked at) that post, and so far today 461 people have read it. It's not even a very good post (sorry, you 1600 visitors!). We had 1400 or so page views on the Literary Lab yesterday and our average is around 300. So I don't know how this happened and I'm not on Twitter so I can't really say anything intelligent about it. I merely remark upon the phenomenon. Also, thanks to whoever is doing the tweeting.


  1. Me thinks it's time you took a closer look at Twitter:)

  2. I did tweet that post awhile ago (because if I don't tweet your posts, Davin doesn't know they're there) but I'm new to twitter and don't have a Malasarn-type following yet. In other words, it's definitely not me generating traffic. But it's very cool that you have it.

    That being said, I feel like twitter fits your personality (as I know it from this blog) rather well.

  3. That's some pretty impressive traffic bumps. I would wonder if maybe multiple people tweeted about the post.

  4. Denny: Twitter makes my head hurt. I don't understand what its point is.

    j a: It's nice that you let Davin know when I've posted! Someone has to do it, and he's stopped taking my calls.

    I'm much more comfortable in a medium where I can blather on for 500 words at a time. Twitter seems to be a place to share links and say "@randomfriend: I know!" a lot.

    Dominique: I have no way of knowing, but it's sure interesting. I do like that a thousand people I've never met are reading a post I wrote. I wish they were reading a better one, though.

  5. That's an impressive bump. To date I've refused to even consider Twitter. But I suppose there may come a time....

    If people come once, chances are they'll come again.

  6. Twitter is the best. Scott, you should try Twitter.Yvonne, you should try Twitter. Everyone should try Twitter! And if you follow j a zobair, then you'll be directed back over here sometimes, which is great fun!

  7. I tweeted it...I have about 10,500 followers. I show it being retweeted 15 times and once by my friend at Advice to Writers, who has 77,600 followers.

  8. We will start a petition. On twitter, of course.

  9. I try hard to be a good twitterer, but I think I'm more of a twit. It has moments when I really appreciate it though. Mainly, when I discover a good link or when I'm helping spread the word about a friend's book release.

  10. I have no problems with Twitter other than the fact that anyone I might befriend on Twitter I am already friends with on Facebook and probably subscribe to their blog too. I wish someone would write a post that tells me how I can make this tool work for me.

  11. Yvonne: I have nothing to say on Twitter. It leaves me speechless.

    Davin: I suppose it would be good to follow j a so I'd know when I've posted here.

    Elizabeth: Thanks for tweeting the link. Gosh, that's a lot of followers. I can't even imagine 77,000+.

    j a: Get right on that!

    Lynette: Yeah, it seems like Twitter has potential to be mass marketing that people subscribe to, but nobody really wants to be marketed to. I continue to not understand Twitter on a very basic level.

    Rick: I know.

    Jim: You and me both, man. Also, I like your post from yesterday about figuring out character. You posted a week ago (?) about people not commenting, and I haven't commented on yesterday's post because I have nothing to say except that I don't work it the way you do. Maybe I'll write a comment that's more informative than this one. On your blog.


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