Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Want Me to What? Some Clarification...

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend about our new anthology coming out next year. You know, the anthology in which you, our readers, will contribute. She shocked me when she said she didn't have an interest in submitting something to the contest because why would she want to rewrite a fantasy story?

A rewrite? Fantasy?

I quickly made it clear that our contest does not ask you to rewrite a story. The concept is simple. You read one or both of these two short stories...


...and then write your own story (no more than 3,000 words) inspired by one or both of these two stories.

Simple as that!

Oh, and even better. You pretty much have free reign here. You can write in any genre you like, although we do prefer short prose stories as opposed to poems or visual artwork.

So what are we going after here? We'd like to see an anthology filled with brilliantly creative stories loosely tied together by similar themes. Those themes will come from the stories which inspired your creativity. Earlier this year we released our 2010 anthology, Notes from Underground. One of our readers described it as a junk drawer of goodies or something like that. I love that description because it truly is a mishmash collection of writing with no unifying theme or idea other than the writers could fill up ten of their own pages with whatever they wanted. It turned out beautifully and what a collection!

We're just as excited about this next collection, Variations on a Theme. Our goal with these anthologies is to create something new and exciting each time and we adore being able to showcase your work. We're also excited to hand out cash prizes for this anthology. We hope you'll join us this time around! If you've submitted in the past and not been selected, try again. The true mark of a great writer is one with great patience and persistence. 



  1. I'll definitely be entering! Can't make up my mind which story talks to me in a way I can find an idea to write around the theme.

    Would it be easier for writers to connect to a theme that appeals to them if there were more short stories to choose from? Or would that spread the themes too wide for what you had in mind for your anthology?

    Will tweet about the contest!
    Judy, South Africa

  2. I will pick the Chekov story as I like Chekov. I am pretty busy, but will try to work something in.


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