Friday, October 7, 2011

Beware The Write Agenda!

A link to Scalzi's article about the Write Agenda, who are not our friends. Writer, beware!

Also, I promise not to post about Chekhov any more. Promise. Davin does not promise not to mention Tolstoy again, though. Michelle will likely remain silent regarding Russian authors, but she might say a word or two about Virginia Woolf if the mood strikes her.


  1. Good to know, thanks for helping spread the word.

  2. I'm always up to talk about Kate Chopin. *swoon* I love her stuff. And Virginia Woolf. *sigh* Brilliant. Ok, my work is done for the day. :)

    By the way, I love reading about Chekohov!

    I could always talk about Dostoevsky, my favorite Russian author. :)

  3. I think Writer Beware is a wonderful watchdog group for emerging writers. If anyone should receive an award, Victoria and Ann certainly deserve it.

  4. Davin should write about Kate Chopin, Scott about Tolstoy, and Michelle about Chekov.

    There, your next week's posts.

    Then someone write about snails on Friday.

  5. I read War and Peace when I was 16. I'll write about that.

    No, wait: Davin can write about Frederic Chopin while Michelle writes about Ensign Pavel Chekhov. I'll write about Rodolphe Kruetzer, which is a Tolstoy joke.

    Snails? Why snails?

  6. I like it when Yat-Yee tells us what to write about! I could write about snails. They've been on my mind a lot as I revise Cyberlama.

  7. And, hey, I was down in San Diego yesterday and today, and my friends got me to dance. It has been several years since I danced (in public). I had glow sticks and everything. Rumor has it that I was da bomb. But maybe I started that rumor.

  8. Well, any time you want me to stick my nose into what's not my business and get bossy again, just let me know.

    So who's going to write about dancing with glow sticks?

  9. Awesome blog name and header.




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