Friday, December 9, 2011

Two Weeks to Enter!

Happy Friday, everyone! Just a reminder that there are only a couple of weeks left to enter our Variations on a Theme contest! We're giving out prizes of $100 or $200, and we plan to publish around 20 stories. Give it a shot and have some fun! Or have some fun and give it a chance!

The Literary Lab Presents...


  1. Geez... is that all the time we have left? I've been putting it off and shouldn't have. Now we're into cookies and lights and cards and pressure. Some people work best under pressure....

    I'll put up a reminder on my blog too. It really sounds like a cool contest, as cool as NOTES.

  2. I submitted my entry a while ago. It's the one written in pig-Latin.

    Just kidding about the pig-Latin. I did enter, though. I'm eager to read the completed volume, good luck to everyone else participating!

  3. Yvonne, thanks for posting this on your own blog, and I hope you do have a chance to enter!

    Rick, thanks for entering already. Woohoo! I haven't started reading through all of our entries yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

  4. I'm about half way there. Hope my luck is better this year than last. Lookin' forward to reading the book.

  5. I submitted already too. I posted about it on my blog when you first announced it but I'll try to do a reminder.

  6. My story is finished. It's been critiqued, cut and pasted and polished till it shines. I hope. I will be submitting soon. Thank you for having these contests. Without you I wouldn't have the incentive to write at all.

  7. I did submit but wonder if your lovely assistant received it. I couldn't remember from last year if we received a confirmation note or not.

    I'd hate to think it was lost in spam or the interweb-ether. I'm a little paranoid this year, because my computer is being a brat.

  8. Chuck, Halfway is good! I hope you keep going, and I'm looking forward to reading your story...even if I won't know that it's yours.

    S.P. Bowers, thank you very much! I look forward to reading your story too!

    Anne, I will check with Becca right away. You should get a confirmation, but I know that--despite the great salary and benefits package Lit Lab is able to offer her--she still insists on having a life, and so the confirmations might not happen right away.

  9. Well thanks for the reminder! I would have forgotten!

  10. I've got about three paragraphs written.

    Feeling a little lame here . .


  11. Thanks Domey, Becca is a goddess, and you should pay her a lot more. I did, in fact, receive a confirmation note from her a little while ago. So thanks.

    And I do hope you enjoy my story. I utilized the Variations on a Theme to the fullest.


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