Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Filler! The Sookie Stackhouse Edition!

I ride the bus to and from work most days, and one of my amusements is to try and see what my fellow passengers are reading during the commute. Usually there are at least half a dozen readers visible (not counting people nodding over their iPhones and iPads and knookles). This morning, though, I saw nobody reading except for one woman, a few seats away from me, who was finishing up a Sookie Stackhouse book. She was reading it in hard cover. Possibly it was a library edition; I'm not sure.

Like I say, nobody else on the bus seemed to be reading anything. Not even me (I have a copy of Great Expectations with me), though I kept telling myself that I was going to pull out my book and read. The thing is, it's a cold day in the Pacific Northwest. The guy on the radio said it was 33° when I was leaving the house, and the whole city was covered in frost. The buses are barely warmer than the outside world (thanks, Metro!) and so it was just too darned cold to read this morning.

Except for that one woman with her Sookie Stackhouse novel. So apparently (and yes, I know it's poor science to draw a conclusion from a single case), if you're cold, you should read a book by Charlaine Harris.

Or stay off the Seattle public transit system.

Also, this will be a glorious three-day weekend for many Americans as we celebrate the Feast of Saint Martin Luther King on Monday. I work at a major university and every year a few days are given over to recognize the transformative power St Martin had on civil rights. There is a marble plinth about four feet high (that's a good bit over a metre, you metric folks) with a bronze bust of MLK atop it. You can look right into his eye if you're my height. This bust on a plinth is brought out every year into the lobby for the Feast of Saint Martin Luther King and for a few days the bronze head watches the comings and goings of all who pass. And then, after the official holiday ends, he's carted back to wherever he spends the majority of the year. So I must ask: where does bronze MLK live all year? In a coat closet in the Dean's office? In a specially built crate like an Egyptian sarcophagus? I have no idea and I never wondered until this morning when I crossed through the lobby on my way to the espresso cart downstairs. But I'll find out, I will.

If you have a three-day weekend, I hope you do something fun and cool with it. If you don't have a three-day weekend, I hope you still have fun and are cool, though not so cold that you can't read whatever it is you'd prefer to read. Unless, of course, what you prefer to read is Sookie.


  1. I have a stack of books from the library, and a couple of e-books. I'm set!

    PS I love the term "knookles" and plan to blatantly steal it. :)

  2. I remember reading Cormac MrCarthy's The Road in a refrigerated room while I was purifying some polymerase. It was chilling.

    Maybe I will be able to finish Cyberlama during the three-day weekend! I shouldn't say maybe. I will! And MLK would be proud.

  3. Ha. I didn't have to ride the bus today, because it's my Telecommute Friday! I just made chocolate chip cookies. So there.

    I'm reading "Runes of the North" by naturalist Sigurd F. Olson, which is about various Canadian locales which so far are very chilly sounding places. I did read it on the bus on Weds and Thurs.

    I'll be down birding at the Montlake Fill this weekend despite what Seattle considers cold -- I have magic handwarmers! Yay!


  4. Alex, whenever you comment before or after I do, I'm always struck by how similarly blue the backgrounds of our photos are. I feel like we're twins in some way. Background twins, which usually arise from a single egg that splits in two during pregnancy or something--I don't remember.

  5. Domey: I hadn't noticed that. Now I do. I find it disturbing. But clearly my blue photo is superior, because it has a BIRD. Even the bird is blue. So there!

  6. And your blue is the sky while my blue is a stucco wall, which is definitely not the sky.

    It's typical for twins to fight. Also, we can read each other's thoughts.

  7. I, however, am clearly the oldest, so I will *always* win. You know this is true, because I can hear you thinking it.

  8. One of my WIPs takes place during a brutal Maine winter. The wind howling outside put me in the proper state of mind. I recorded a Christmas song instead!

  9. I've heard Sookie is great to read, but who knows! I'd rather be warm no matter what I'm reading. I also want to know where they keep that statue. Is there someone you can ask? Because that's story material, right there. I'm telling you.


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