Monday, August 2, 2010

Cinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle

I'm proud to announce that one of our Literary Lab authors has published her first book! Cinders, by our very own Michelle Davidson Argyle, tells the story of Cinderella after the happily ever after.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Michelle's fiction writing, it's always rich in vivid detail and emotion. Cinders is no exception. I had the honor of reading a pre-published version of this novella and finished it over the weekend.

Michelle uses enough of the details of the classic story to bring it back to life while also making use of her own imagination to provide us with something new. And, on a personal level, I know the genuine excitement with which Michelle approached this project. Never have I seen her so happy and passionate, and that energy comes through in the story...and in the beautiful production of the book. Not only did Michelle write it, but she's responsible for the cover photo, even arranging for the dress to be custom made.

I hope you'll help spread the word to readers who might enjoy Cinders. And, if you'd like to read it yourself, there's a link over to the left.

So, please join me in congratulating Michelle! I deeply admire what she's accomplished. AND, come back tomorrow for our own little celebration. We'll be giving away a free autographed copy of Cinders, along with some other publications by fellow bloggers.


  1. Woohoo Michelle! And I already have ordered my own signed copy. I'm looking forward to getting it, particularly since I don't have anything recreational to read right now. Nice job Michelle, hope you're still celebrating from cloud nine.

  2. Congratulations again Michelle!

    You know, I just wrote a post here that I think I'll post as a review of the book on my blog instead since it's wayy too long LOL.

    But you know I think the book is amazing. You have everything in the world to be proud and your journey creating it has been an inspiration to me.

    Enjoy every second of this :)


  3. Congratulations Michelle!! Love the cover.

  4. Eric, Happy to hear you bought a copy already!

    Bru, You did such a nice job with Michelle's interview. It was a pleasure to read.

    salarsen, that cover is great, isn't it? If you check out her author site and blog you'll see some other images that are also very good. Her book trailer is also excellent.

  5. Congratulations! This is on my must-read list!

  6. Yay, Michelle!! Beautiful cover. :D

  7. CONGRADS Michelle. I am so happy for you. I've heard so many people say they are going to buy a copy. Can't wait to read it. *hugs*

  8. My kindle copy is in my TBR pile (or should that be file?). Just wanted to pop in and say I'm so impressed with the handmade clothes and the way Michelle organised the whole project. I can't wait to read it! (I may just have to shuffle my TBR pile a bit!)

  9. LOTS of thanks to everyone who has come over to read!

    Eric: I can't wait to get your signed copy to you! I'm still waiting for them to arrive. *sniff*

    Bru: Thank you! And thanks for the awesome review! You even did it without spoilers!

    salarsen: Thank you!

    Ricardo: Thank you!

    C.N. Nevets: Awesome! I think I read that you've ordered a copy. Thanks!

    B.J.: Thank you!

    Robyn: Yeah, lots of people seem interested. That makes me happy. The trick is getting the word out.

    Judy: Ooo, yes, shuffle away! Hehe. Of course I'm biased. :)

  10. Major congratulations, Michelle. You're a pioneer here. I predict the novella will have a major resurgence in the Kindle age.

  11. Yay, Michelle!!!!!!!!!!! You SO deserved to be published!

  12. Congratulations Michelle! Now can't wait to read it.

  13. I also eagerly await my autographed copy! Eeee!!

  14. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to read it myself!!!!! Doesn;t it feel fabulous to hold your book in your hands??????? :)

  15. Yes, HUGE congrats Michelle! I read it yesterday in one giant gulp, I was GLUED! I'll be posting review on AMazon as soon as I get a chance to formulate my thoughts. I loved it.

  16. Anne: Thank you! I agree with you all the way about the novella. I think it's going to hit huge in awhile.

    Angela: Thank you!

    Lynn: can't wait to see what you think! Let me know. :)

    Scott: Have you ordered your signed copy yet? I can't remember. I'm almost out of copies!

    Stephanie: Thank you! Your enthusiasm is so encouraging! It really does feel great to hold the book. I have it with me all the time.

    T. Anne: Can't wait to see your review! I'm so excited you loved it!

  17. Michelle: Ummm...I forgot that step until just now. But yes! I have! Ordered! My autographed copy!

  18. Yay!

    Well done, Michelle!

    So happy for you.


  19. Scott: Got it! Will get that in the mail to you soon as the dang shipment arrives. *drums fingers...*

    Shelley: Thank you!

  20. Congratulations Michelle! It must feel wonderful to actually see the book you've created..(The cover looks wonderful and I enjoyed the excerpt I read on your author website)


  21. Purple: Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked the excerpt! It was really difficult to decide what to put up there that wouldn't spoil anything. :)

  22. Well done Michelle, I've finished it and it was quite an unexpected and mature development on the fairytale.
    I'll be reviewing on my site really soon :-)

  23. Charmaine: I'm really excited to hear that! And even more excited to read your review!

  24. Congratulations Michelle!

    I've recently been grounded from purchasing new books until my shelves empty out a book...but Cinders is high on the list to get. Looking forward to it.


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