Monday, February 21, 2011

Dreams and Names, Names and Dreams

Happy Monday, everyone!

Last night I dreamt that Nicole Krauss and Jhumpa Lahiri came over to my apartment for a snack. I had just gone to the Thai bakery and had some containers of kanom chun and kali puffs. Both writers were very nice, and I slowly steered the conversation towards the question of how one becomes a full time writer. Unfortunately, as all dreams seem to do, it ended before I got any sort of useful answer. So, Nicole and Jhumpa, I want my snacks back!

I finished The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle this weekend and have a couple of posts I'll be writing about it. It was an educational book, technique-wise. Next, I'm reading In Exile from the Land of Snows: The Definitive Account of the Dalai Lama and Tibet Since the Chinese Conquest. This is research to help me on my Cyberlama book. I really wish I had a proper name for Cyberlama. I've started to collect words that might go into the final title. So far, I have "tomorrow", "sight", "gain", "never", and "last", so if any of you can think of anything let me know. Nicole and Jhumpa will probably be of no help on that one either.

I hope you all get to enjoy the day doing something fun. This week, we've got a couple of guest posts coming up that will be great!


  1. I'm sure this was a great post, but once you mentioned the Thai bakery I sort of just drooled all over my screen and couldn't read the rest.

  2. On the plus side, you've come up with another way of killing a character: saliva electrocution

  3. Perhaps a fox looking at on-line pictures of grapes.

  4. I like your dream. I wish you had gotten some answers. You'd think with snacks like those they'd be more helpful. Talk about eat and run...

  5. That's the thing about dreams. They always end just as things get interesting.


  6. Lois, it was very rude of them. I think they are letting their success go to their head. :P

    Misha, Ain't it true?

  7. Tomorrow Never Lasts

    Today is a relaxation day (oddly enough, I had Thai food for lunch) after a busy weekend, part of which was spent on a Wild Goose Chase. A friend and I successfully located tens of thousands of Snow Geese who winter over in these parts, and as an added bonus, I got to see my first-ever Gyrfalcon in the wild. I need several days to recover from that excitement.

    I dreamed there were polar bears in my back yard. They seemed happy, but then, it has been a bit chilly here of late.

    Looking forward to the guest posts!

    -Alex MacKenzie

  8. You Cannot Gain Tomorrow

    Hmmm. I'm going to have to look into this CyberLama business. Sounds intriguing.

  9. Wow, I'm lame for not commenting earlier. What a fun dream! Except that it ended early. So not cool. I promise I won't leave if you offer me snacks. :)

  10. Alex, that's so great that you got to see the beautiful geese! I would love to have that opportunity sometime. I'm not sure what a gyrfalcon is, but I hope you weren't caught in it's fire breath.

    B., I'm liking my Cyberlama story. But, I realize how uneducated I am on the subject when the first ten pages of my first research book is yielding so many ideas. I think I have to sit with the information for awhile before I can write about it. Otherwise, it will feel like some third grader's essay.

    Michelle, I knew I could count on you! I'll have my snacks ready when we meet. :)


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