Thursday, March 31, 2011


You know, there's an interesting emotion that surrounds book sales. If it's your own book, it's kind of a predatory thing. Sales = Survival for many, many authors. Unless you're self-published and not existing on your royalties, sales are Super Important. They can be the difference between you getting another book deal with your current publisher or being left out in the cold and on the hunt again. This completely and utterly sucks because you don't make much money off just a few books. Lots of books - back list - is essential for most authors to make decent money.

Then there are sales for the Literary Lab.

We have two anthologies out now, and we donate all the royalties on both toward charity. The charity organization changes every year, and eventually we hope to make enough to also take a percentage and give it back to the authors as prize money. It's just a thought, and it also depends on how the anthologies do. For now, here are a few statistics for you.

sold through Amazon/CreateSpace

76 print copies sold
16 Kindle copies sold
$291.00 royalties
£4.22 royalties

sold through Lulu - but is now being switched to Amazon/CreateSpace and will be available on Amazon soon.

69 print copies sold
5 pdf copies sold
$237.89 royalties

Not too bad, but I think our sales could rock a lot more than that. What we'd love to see are more reviews and buzz going around about the anthologies. Judy Croome just put up the most amazing review on Goodreads and Amazon for Notes From Underground. Jeannie Miernik also left an amazing highlight review on her blog. Clarissa Draper also recently reviewed some stories from Genre Wars. Thank you, Judy, Jeannie, and Clarissa! So many of you have put up posts about the anthology and talked about it. Thank you! It would be fantastic if you could go rate the anthology on Amazon or Goodreads, as well, and maybe even leave a review if you can and link to it from Facebook and Twitter.

So, I'm thinking about the Literary Lab sales with a predatory gleam in my eye. The thing about this, however, is that you, our readers, can also get that gleam in your eye. These anthologies belong to everyone, and the more we publish the more of you will be published in them. That excites us!

To purchase Notes From Underground, visit The Literary Lab Presents... site.

Genre Wars will be available for purchase on Amazon in the next few days. We'll do an announcement when it's up.


  1. Michelle, Thanks for putting these numbers up! It feels like it's been a long time since we put out #2, but it's only been one month. That's exciting that we have as many sales as we do.

  2. I think it's fantastic, Davin! It has gone so much BIGGER than Genre Wars was at first. That's so, so exciting!

  3. And remember, everyone, that all the royalties of these two anthologies go to worthy writer charities! Yes, Michelle said that in the post already, but I just repeated it. The books also make excellent gifts.

  4. And remember that all of the royalties go to writing related charities! And books make excellent gifts!

  5. Gifts!!!! Yes! They're beautiful and brilliant for that. :)

  6. Yeah, I need to finally buy some copies, hopefully this weekend.

    I've been giving the anthologies some buzz, and I plan on doing some reviews on my blog, but I'll be honest. I feel weird rating an anthology I'm in. I know people do it all the time -- and I don't think badly of people who do. But somehow, for me, it just feels strange.

    So I'm figuring out how to manage that psychologically. lol

  7. Nevets: I know what you mean, but I think it says a lot more - and positive, too - if you're supporting the anthology by talking about it and reviewing it, as well. Unless you don't have anything good to say, of course.

  8. Nevets: Also, when you publish stuff, you've got to get used to pumping your own stuff. Not as a sales gimmick, but by showing readers you're proud and exciting about what you write. That goes a long way.

  9. Talking about it I'm doing. Reviewing it on my blog, I'm working on. And I don't mind blabbing about my stuff or talking it up.

    But assigning a rating to it on a 3rd party website feels different to me.

    It probably shouldn't, but it does. lol

  10. Nevets: I have a lot to say about that, but I'll keep it in an email. When you enter into the published realm, the star-rating thing changes.

  11. Michelle and Nevets are taking it outside. Watch out, Nevets!

  12. Should I remind you that I do know enough aikido to defend myself, even against swords? *gulp*

  13. Aikido-schmeedo. Michelle will totally beat you down.

  14. Would it be aikido-schmaikido? Anyway, yes, Michelle will totally beat you down.

  15. I know that; that's why I'm trying to intimidate her into not trying.

    I don't think it will work.

    She knows me too well to be intimidated.

  16. Did we mention that Michelle will totally beat you down? And that all royalties go to charity? And that books make great presents?

  17. Hey, there you go. Sell tickets to Michelle's beat-down of Nevets, and all proceeds go to charity. And at the event you can sell autographed copies of the anthologies --

    and T-shirts with six words to describe Don King.

  18. Half-off admission for people who have given the anthology as a gift!

  19. I guess I'd better show up to that beat-down...

  20. I am considering buying the anthologies but I am concerned about who I might be supporting. To whom do you pay royalties? And do you think they would be appropriate to give as presents for birthdays, graduation, and Mother's Day?

  21. I think the anthologies are a perfect gifts for housewarmings, baby showers, and any occasion when one might serve Cock & Bull ginger beer.

  22. Hi Mary!

    The Genre Wars Anthology proceeds are being steadily donated to an organization called WriteGirl, that mentors young women who are at risk and teaches them to express themselves through writing. It's a great group here in LA, and they can actually boast a 100% college admission rate for 2010.

    The Notes From Underground Anthology proceeds will be donated to the Writers Emergency Assistance Fund. This group focuses on non-fiction writers and journalists and provides them with money if they cannot support themselves temporarily.

    As far as giving the anthologies away as a Mother's Day gift, that depends on the mother. Both books have adult stories.

    Thanks for the great questions!

  23. Royalties from Notes From Underground will be donated to the Writers Emergency Assistance Fund. Royalties from Genre Wars will be donated to WriteGirl. Both are worthy causes.

    Books make perfect gifts for all occasions.

    I had Cock & Bull ginger beer last night, mixed with lime and vodka over ice.

  24. Mine claims to be 23, which I guess is also an adult. But not every mother is.

    I was excited to see some ginger beer at a restaurant the other night, but it was nowhere near as good as Cocke & Bull.

  25. I am loving the short stories on the first book so much that the second book is on my TBR list.

  26. Clarissa, thank you so much for saying that! I'm glad you like them!


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