Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Filler! Stuff and Things for Writers!

First, you should go read this post and then, you know, spend some money. It's for a good cause. I might also mention that my polite and housebroken (one assumes) co-host Domey "Don't Call Me Ishmael" Malasarn has a book of stories out that you might want to buy and read and be amazed by. There's a link to the right. No, just look. There it is. It's also worth saying that my other lovely and workaholic co-host Michelle "Davidson" Argyle has numerous books out. One of them's on sale right now, as I recall, and she'll have yet another book (the long-awaited Monarch) out on September 15th. Michelle is wracking her brain trying to figure out a cool place to have her book release party. Any ideas? Anyone volunteering to make 500 spun-sugar butterflies?

It's a 3-day weekend for a lot of us, me included. I plan to get a lot of time in the sun, as allegedly there will be sun in Seattle. It could happen. Stop laughing, you. I just bought "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1" on DVD, so likely there'll be some of that this weekend. And fireworks and alcohol, which sounds dangerous but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and beer, so I've heard. So in this country, mister, we blow things up and drink. And to think Marx claimed democracy wouldn't last. There was a man who didn't have enough in the way of cocktails.

Also, I am reading Henry James' The Ambassadors and I'm about halfway through and poor Lambert, the protagonist, is facing the prospect that his fiancee might dump him if he doesn't drag her son Chad back home from Paris. Lambert doesn't really want to drag Chad back from Paris. What could possibly happen next? Also also, I am just about 2/3 of the way through the first draft of my work-in-progress, whose working title is The Transcendental Detective. I assume many if not most of you are working on something, too. So let's have it: status updates on writing projects! Who's doing what, and how's it going?


  1. Yay for Friday Filler! I got to work early and spent the morning looking at how I can transition from commuting to public transportation and jiggly reading time. If I do it, I can save $60 a month! I'm stuck on Cyberlama, Bailey. I keep trying and nothing propels the story forward at the moment. I spent last night looking at major inventions over the last 300 years (since my book takes place 300 years in the future). I am far too ignorant about history. I may have to make Cyberlama a Thai geneticist instead. Write what you know!

  2. You can put Cyberlama on a public bus and have him try to read an ebook! Wedge him between a couple of beefy types who are shouting into their bluetooth headsets. That's the future for you, Malasarn! Or, it was my morning commute except with a paperback Dover edition of James in my hand, and the beefy types were university students.

    Hey, with $60 free each month, you can by more books!

  3. Scott, you sound happy and carefree and that makes me smile a lot. :) :) :) All this writing stuff has gotten to us just a tad, lately, I think. Thanks for the mentions. I'm currently pounding away on Scales, and it's coming along beautifully so far.

    Also, I plan to go check out a place in town called The Chocolate today. They are trendy and awesome and nice and they serve chocolate and cupcakes and cookies. What is not to love about that? They have little room for events that they rent out and I'm going to see if I can have my release party there for a few hours for people to cycle in and out. And hey, maybe I can order a cake decorated with Monarchs in addition to the baby cupcakes a friend has offered to get for me. For once, I'm getting excited about this stuff instead of fretting away.

  4. Michelle, the only thing that would sound trendier than The Chocolate is Le Chocolat! I hope it's an excellent place deserving of you. Good luck!

    Scott, the $60 a month might go to my rescued puppy fund. Or it might just go to trying to pay the bills. We'll see. My book money fund is already secure. :)

  5. May you all have your explosions and cocktails and chocolate as you so desire this weekend. (I side with Michelle on preferring the chocolate....)

  6. What am I up to?

    This is the weekend that I try to pare down everything I own into a couple suitcases and a couple boxes. Wish me luck!

    (Domey, your handmade art is definitely going into the 'keep' stack...) :~) Yes, I have a piece of handmade art by Domey and yes I am bragging just a teensy bit (even though I still owe him something in return *sigh* So. Behind on. Everything.)

    Started a new blog too. A place for hope and dreams to grow.

    Have a great and safe holiday weekend, Lit Lab!

  7. Exploding chocolate maybe? A book release party with exploding chocolate? Anyone? Anyone?

    Bru, good luck! Paring down sounds like a lovely thing in some respects. I hope it gives you some clarity. As for my "art", it was meant to be a fleeting thing, so don't feel bad if you end up recycling it. I was on your new blog last night but didn't have the energy to comment yet. I read it and felt it though. And I'll be going back.

  8. Writing status: not writing, but just sent the edits for Seattle Sleuth back to the publisher and he seemed happy about that. Yay.

    4th of July: my least-favorite holiday, due to obnoxious loud bangs upsetting my dogs (and which are ILLEGAL here, people!). I get very cranky. I hope to spend as much time as possible outdoors anyway, if we do get that promised Seattle sunshine, and I hope to do so far, far away from my fellow humans. I hear the birds calling my name....

  9. I'll be in Seattle in three weeks. Queen Anne, to be precise. We're waiting until we get there to see the new Harry Potter.

  10. Matthew: We already have tickets to the midnight showing (opening day, as it were) of HPVII(2) on July 14th. Excitement!

    Alex: I hate people who set off fireworks in my neighborhood. About a decade ago I lived across the alley from a state trooper who would get drunk with his buddies and set off great big illegal fireworks from his driveway. The next morning the neighborhood was littered with bits of his fireworks. One year he set his own roof on fire. Another year he got 3rd-degree burns over his hand and arm. Dork.

    Bru: In 2005 I got rid of everything I owned that wouldn't fit into my car. It was strangely liberating. Good luck to you.

    English Teacher: I prefer my empty calories to have a high alcohol content, but I won't say no to chocolate.

    Michelle: Yes, I'm in a good mood. The Transcendental Detective is going very well and the sun's been shining and I went for a 5-mile run last night and then we ordered in pizza and watched "Dr. Who." I can't complain. I hope you love the Chocolate place! I hope Monarch sells a bazillion copies!

    Domey: Are you ever going to get that puppy? How long have you been talking about it? I should start a betting pool.

  11. Unfortunately my puppy progress stopped when the nice woman at the shelter said, "So, you come here every week. Just get one," and I had to say, I don't know where I'll be living in a couple of months. I've been embarrassed to go back ever since and now just google "cute puppy" whenever I need a fix.

  12. The time to get a puppy is when you see one who loves you.

  13. You're a tad late on Harry Potter part 1. Part 2 comes out on the 15th.

    I have no clue how I'll be spending my fourth of July, but it sounds like you've got quite a plan.


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