Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Monday! Happy Celebrating!

You know, one of the best things about the holidays (whether you celebrate them or not) is the feeling that something is different all around us. People's attitudes shift. I think the best thing about that is the mood to celebrate something, whether that be the change in season, a specific holiday and its meaning, giving a gift to someone, etc. And one of the best things about celebrating is that it's HAPPY!

I've been thinking a lot lately about a term Davin always uses, and that's to "celebrate other writing." This is exactly what we try to do here on the Literary Lab with our anthologies we publish each year. They are all a chance for us to celebrate other writing. We love writing, and we love those who want to celebrate it with us. We hope we get enough entries this year to make our anthologies worth doing in future years, and so I ask myself why I like them so much. Why do I want to to celebrate writing? The answer is simple, and it's because I adore the creative process. Even when I read a piece of fiction that I feel is mediocre (and oftentimes, it's my own stuff, hah!), published or not, I still want to celebrate the fact that it was created. I may not like certain types of writing. I might think something is not as good as it could be, but it doesn't matter. The base emotion I always want when it comes to reading is appreciation for what is before me.

So I urge everyone this season to gather within yourself a celebratory attitude for writing in general. You don't have to hate certain fiction, and if you read something that doesn't agree with you, remember in your feedback (if you give any, and especially if it's public), that respect for the medium should always be the root of your feedback. I think when that happens, it's easier to celebrate writing, even if some of it isn't our cup of tea. In fact, this past year as I've taken on this more celebratory attitude, thanks to Davin, I've learned to like more kinds of fiction than I used to. It has expanded my mind and my writing, as well.

So, happy celebrating! And get to writing. We want to see an entry from you so we can celebrate what you've done!


  1. Michelle, I think you're absolutely right about the importance of celebrate writing and celebrating artistic expression in general. I love that we as a society have gotten to a place where we have time for that! You helped to remind me of why we started Genre Wars a couple of years ago. I remember the energy we had for that!

  2. Yes, we did Genre Wars because we know that good writing happens in all forms of fiction, and we know that readers love all genres and we love readers almost as much as we love writers! How much do we love writers? A lot, that's how much.

  3. Davin: Thanks! I'm happy I reminded you. I had forgotten, as well, so it's nice to look at it this way again. I'm wondering, though, by the lack of comments here, if it's going to keep happening. :(

    Scott: Yes, true! That's certainly one reason why I stay here at the Lit Lab. :)

  4. I agree about the celebration of writing. It is art and it is personal art that takes the breath of a writer and even if the work isn't to our liking it is important to realize that someone created it from their heart.


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