Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I don't have to whine anymore

I asked Michelle and Scott if I could reserve today for a blog post. I was hoping the timing would work out, because I wanted to make a little announcement.

And...the timing worked out.

My humble home has a new tenant.

His name is Peanut.

Peanut seems to be a Jack Russell / Labrador mix. He's about one year old, and I've been watching him in the shelter for over 4 weeks. Now he's home with me. He has to wear a cone because the shelter fixed him before releasing him. The only other thing I know about him so far is that he can jump over my couch, and he seems to prefer that to simply running around the couch. And I don't think he can read, but I'm working on that.


  1. He's so adorable! Many congrats on your new little friend...such a cutie. :-)

  2. AWWW! He's so cute! May he learn quickly and bring you lots of love.

  3. About damned time, Malasarn. The adorableness overwhelms!

  4. Congratulations on becoming a new pet-parent! He's absolutely adorable. I hope he fills your days with lots of love and your nights with warm cuddles. All the best to you during the holidays.

  5. Oh my goodness, CUTE!!!!!!! I know how long you have wanted a dog, Davin, and I'm really super happy for you. :)

  6. Thanks, everyone. I'm really happy about the little guy, and he has been really good so far. I weighed him this morning. 21 lbs. And, he seems to be housebroken, which is GREAT! Tomorrow, my office closes, and the dog training begins.

  7. awww! Congratulations Domey! Peanut is such an adorable name and fits your adorable pet!


  8. My mother had a Jack Russell and it was very active. In his later years, he got really fat and slowed down. His personality sounds playful judging by his jumping over the couch. Adorable seems to be the word. Enjoy!

  9. Lavanya, The shelter named him Peanut, and I thought it was a perfect fit.

    Charlie, I think this guy is going to be pretty active. He has hyper episodes and then episodes where he seems to barely be able to keep his eyes open.

  10. Whoo-hooo!!! Congrats! What a wonderful thing for both you and Peanut!

  11. The cone of shame. Squirrel!

    Happiness is a warm puppy.

    Being a pet is bidirectional and full-duplex.

  12. Welcome Peanut :)

    and, I had to giggle at this "He has hyper episodes and then episodes where he seems to barely be able to keep his eyes open". I'm wondering if that is anything like his new owner?

    happy holidays Davin!

  13. Congratulations! Your dog is beautiful and he looks smart. Enjoy him. As Mark Twain said, "The more I know human beings, the more I love my dog". Smiles!

  14. OMG how did I miss this?

    PRECIOUSNESS!!!! (sorry, just had to shout)

    Our kitty was a rescue, shelter pets are the best of all.

    Here's to many wonderful years for you and Peanut to share grand adventures (I'm sure he'll be beta-reading for you in no time flat!)



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