Monday, January 30, 2012

More than simply writing

Happy Monday, everyone!

"Writing" is such an inadequate word to describe what we do, isn't it?

More and more I realize that the true challenge of what we do is to invent, develop, and crystallize ideas. Every time we choose a word we force an amorphous idea into a box and set it on display to be scrutinized. We've debated the concept of originality before--as well as its importance. But, for me, the truth is that we are constantly tapping into our originality, as the simple attempt to string together words and sentences and paragraphs forces us to create new ideas. If the same two writers were to start with the same vocabulary, the same characters, and the same scenes, I'd argue that organizing those individual pieces into a story forces us to come up with something that has never been done before.

We should be proud of this skill we have because it doesn't come easily. To be able to write words on a page requires mental discipline and versatility that not everybody has. Hooray!

This is also an opportunity for us to respect and acknowledge the ideas of others to the best of our ability. So often we are influenced by the ideas of others that come to us every day through the form of words. Most likely we're so influenced by every one else's ideas that we will rarely be able to really know where the seeds of our creativity were first planted. They grow and tangle within our minds, roots and shoots, so that everything we do is simultaneously our own as well as replicas of one another.

I'm grateful that we as writers and bloggers are willing to toss ideas around and share our stories. They are an opportunity for us to learn and grow.

Thanks, peeps. Don't forget to back up your stories!


  1. So very true! Being an editor for Allegy Ezine I've come to realize EVERY story has merit. Even the ones I must reject for publishing. I have yet to read a story that was so bad that it had no redeeming trait. It's those traits I look for in everything I read --which is why I wish some people weren't so absolute with their negative reviews on Amazon.

  2. Lynette, Absolutely! A past mentor really changed my perspective when he got me to believe this. I really feel like if I don't see merit in a story, it's something wrong in me, not in the story.

  3. I totally agree on the 2 writers concept; no 2 authors can come up with the exact same story even given the same characters and scenario. We are all unique individuals.

    Thanks Domey. Have a good Monday :)


  4. This is a wonderfully timely post, Davin. And I LOVE what you just said right there--that if you don't see merit, it's not the story, it's something in you. Beautiful thought!

  5. Is this a hint of your next contest?

  6. Donna, I hope you have a good Monday too! My Monday is going surprisingly well considering I had to leave for work before the sun came up and I was dressed in a suit and tie. Now it's not even 5 pm, and I'm still totally alive!

    j a zobair, It's a lovely thought, and I was very enlightened when someone told it to me. :)

    Charlie, You're implying that the three of us are able to magically plan ahead for things. That's a little bit funny. And a little bit rock 'n' roll.

  7. And with that post, my entire week has improved!

  8. How beautifully you have expressed this! Since I have met you, I have learned how to celebrate writing more and more - even writing that I feel isn't up to par. Everything has merit, as you say, and what you share in this post is why. I think what we do is nothing short of magic, honestly.

  9. Great post! When we write we develop new ideas. We combine sentences into paragraphs in unique ways because we are crafting something new. We create a dance in our head, a world of colors, emotions, thoughts.


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