Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Will Know As Soon As We Do

The title of this post is a lie. Some of you may remember that Ms Davidson-Argyle, Mr Malasarn and I are allegedly conducting a contest (Publication! Cash prizes!). Some of you may even have entered the contest and might be wondering where the results are. Some of you might be getting impatient.

To this latter group, I beg your patience. And I ask if you’ve maybe seen how the three of us acted during the judging phase of our previous contests (hint: slow and steady wins the race!).

All of which is to say, We Are Working On It. I collected all of the story entries into a single Word ™ file so that Davin, Michelle and I could print them out and read them more easily, and as has happened every year I was alarmed and amazed to see that the stories add up in length to a proper novel. So We Three are reading a lot, and having to pay close attention and make critical decisions and decide which 2/3 of this novel-length collection of stories we love best.

I say “love best” because that’s really the way of it. MD-A, DM and I are once again whelmed over by the effort made by those of you who chose to play and I at least like to think that one thing we’re doing by holding these contests is to say “We love you, writers!” and I also like to think that when you choose to send us a story you’re saying “I love you, Literary Lab!” and if you’re not saying that I promise not to tell your mother so mum’s the word, okay?

Anyway. We Are Working On It. The plan is for each of us to have read and decided upon all the entries by the end of this week. We’ll sort out who the Best In Show is this weekend or early next week, hopefully (we reserve the right to miss our deadline!), and have a Grand Announcement toward the end of next week, or possibly we’ll save it for Valentine’s Day because, as I say, we love you, mighty writers.


  1. I am so excited! It's a shame we're so busy we cannot get this done sooner, but doing it at all is amazing, and I say everyone involved deserves huge congrats!

  2. Okay, I'll try to contain myself but it's so hard. Entering your contests is one way for me to survive the nasty cold and totally unfriendly to motorcycles riders weather. But the suspense is killing me. And, yes, my entry was my way of saying "I love you, Literary Lab!"

  3. We are indeed working on it. I read some entries last night, actually, and they were beautiful and entertaining. I'm looking forward to getting to the rest of them.

  4. Just so you know, having raised 5 kids did not teach me patience.

    It did teach me a certain amount of tolerance though :)



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